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Aquaholic Solutions is the leading graphic design company in Dubai. We offer graphic design services in Dubai, UAE

Brand Identity Design

Brand identity services form a core of your brand’s existence since all your communication – tangible and intangible needs to have an authority – and the identity visuals are like signatures of your brand. The branding and identity design deliverables consist of your brand logo design, along with other collaterals including the visiting cards, envelopes, letter heads, and others depending on business types. For instance, restaurants would have tissues, packaging material for take-out, coasters, and menus.

Digital Design

With everything going greatly onto screens – from grocery shopping to your soap operas, collaborating with a digital design agency is inevitable. We help you bring and optimize your brand onto digital platforms including websites, apps, and other platforms where your target consumers can find you. From marketing efforts and creative collaterals going digital, to bringing your business to the various screens, we work on user journeys and optimization to give your target consumers and audiences a seamless experience.

Marketing Collaterals

Marketing collaterals are an important part of the branding and marketing initiative that any brand needs to create for establishing a presence and increasing sales. They help in providing information to potential clients and consumers about products and services. We’re not just a brochure design agency, but we execute a plethora of other marketing collaterals. We build creative marketing collaterals, that include brochures, standee design, pamphlets, guides, resources, and even sales pitches and presentations.


Brand Strategy | Brand Naming | Brand Identity Design | Visual Language | Art Direction | Content Marketing

Interactive Design

Website Design | UI/UX | App Design | Emailers | Presentations | Infographics


Packaging Design | Product Design | Materials & Forms

Digital Design

Digital Marketing | Social Media Marketing | Google Ads | SEO


Branded Environment | Set Design | Event Collaterals


Marketing Collateral | Editorial Design | Advertising | Brand Stationery

Our Process
01. Engage Brief in hand, we immerse ourselves completely, analysing the brand and the competition to define an identity benchmark.

Design-thinking tools, from persona-building to free association and plotting customer journeys, are employed in intense brainstorming.

02. Ideate Springboarding from the strategic Engage stage to the more freewheeling Ideate, free-listing and discussions in small groups explore alternate routes true to the positioning.

This is like a scrum, and ideation without limits or boundaries is encouraged. All groups present visual ideas and the best ones are shortlisted for execution.

03. Execute All shortlisted options are developed into a complete visual identity kit, which comprises all brand assets (the brand-mark, font families, colour palettes etc.).

These are then validated for adaptation across media, physical and digital. At this stage, ideas may be rejected before final options are presented to the client.

04. Happy Client Habitual of bringing fresh ideas to the table, Aquaholic is an experience that won’t let you settle for less and is all about happy clients.

With top drawer talent on board, the brand deeply focuses on turning the client’s vision into sheer reality with due ethics and humbleness.

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