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Exclusive innovations in the field of video production UAE

13th February, 2023

As we move into the new year, trends in video production UAE are changing rapidly. We expect to see an increase in live streaming, increased use of drones for aerial footage, and more use of AI technology to edit. We anticipate these trends for the year ahead in film and video.

Innovations in Video Production UAE, 2023

Recent years have shifted towards professional and higher quality video production UAE. This is due to the emphasis on advanced technology and techniques that create engaging and visually stunning content.

1. Live Streaming Increased

Live streaming is adapting to meet every need, from virtual engagements and news delivery to retaining shopping experiences. The video production trends for 2023 are likely to be the influx in live streaming.

Live streaming content is becoming more popular than ever.
Live video usage has increased dramatically across social media platforms in the last few months. The live stream has seen a 113% increase in year-over-year traffic.

2. Increased use of drones to capture aerial footage


Over the last few years, drones have been used extensively in video production UAE. As drone technology improves, its continued use in filmmaking will be evident. It is expected that video production companies will continue to use drones to capture safe and alternative aerial footage that could otherwise not be captured.

3. Use of AI technology to edit

Artificial intelligence has become a broad term over the last decade. We are excited to see what AI can do for film and video editing in 2023. Although artificial technology isn't yet widespread in video production UAE, we are seeing video production trends incorporating AI technology into the editing process.

The current trends in AI editing software suggest that it is possible to reduce the time required for video production by up to 50%.


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