Top 7 Benefits of Motion Graphics Services in UAE

Benefits of Motion Graphics Services in UAE

31st January, 2023

What are Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics services in UAE combine graphic design, animation, and film to create a dynamic form of marketing content. Motion graphic design outputs can range from looping GIFs to long-form videos.

These assets can include illustration, live-action footage, photography, and infographics/data visualizations. They also contain music, voiceovers, and sound effects. Motion graphics allow for unlimited creativity.

Motion Graphics can be an effective medium

Graphic designers can have a lot of opportunities through social media. It could also be a problem. It should not be ignored. Social media and motion graphics services in UAE can be mutually beneficial. A balanced relationship can help you increase your creativity and improve your business' success.

This allows them to tell stories, convey emotions, and highlight brands. Motion Graphics can be used in music videos, feature films, applications, and games.

Motion graphics communicate your brand and explain complex concepts, products, or services. A professional video may be expensive, but hiring a motion designer to create a 15-30 second animated ad is possible.

Because they do not have the speed bumps typical with video content, these animations are more engaging to viewers. Video advertising has proven to be a problem for even top-tier brands. You might not be able to show the worth of a nice wallet. Motion Graphics allows you to showcase your product in new and unexpected ways that will make it stand out.

Benefits of Motion Graphics Services in UAE

We mentioned earlier that the market has become more saturated over the years. Companies must employ every tactic to make their company stand out from the crowd and capture viewers' attention. Motion graphics are very efficient.

According to a report from the Content Marketing Institute, nearly three-quarters of marketers view video production as their top task in their content strategy. However, most marketers don't do anything unusual.

You can see the same ads on YouTube and Instagram. These manipulative tactics are being repeated over and over again. Consumers are becoming more aware of these techniques. What makes motion graphics more powerful?

Motion graphics can make dull content more accessible, memorable, and engaging. Motion graphics can be easily shared. Motion graphic creates and increases brand awareness.

Motion Graphics Increase and Create Brand Awareness

1. Motion Graphics Make Boring Entertainment More Digestible and Engaging

It works. It makes a simple point with hyperbole and language: Playing around on train tracks is as stupid as setting your hair ablaze. Marketers have made Motion Graphics a standard method of explaining concepts (commonly called "explainer videos").

Presentations are the most popular type of video (65%), followed closely by ads (57%) and explainers (47%).

2. Motion Graphics are Easy Shareable

Motion design can be shared, which creates organic growth for any marketing campaign. Your animation can "go viral" if entertaining enough to merit a retweet and share on social media.

3. Motion Graphics Increase and Create Brand Awareness

A 2020 survey of 500 marketers found that 93% of brands gained a new customer through a video posted on social media. Getting your brand or product in front of new customers is easy because so much of the world lives online.

Motion graphics services in UAE simplify complicated messages and create memorable videos which will capture viewers' attention. Younger consumers aren't interested in reading through pages of information to find out what your products and services can do for them. These videos are very effective.

You can tell your audience who you are in just seconds. Although brand awareness can be challenging to measure, it is essential for new and established companies. You can show your customer that you are a dynamic company by putting your brand front and center innovatively.

4. Motion Graphics Are Cost-effective and Efficient

Every marketing campaign must be measured against its return on investment. To be considered a success, a $10,000 investment in a video must bring a solid return on investment in brand awareness or sales.

What happens if the content is suddenly changed? Perhaps the product was subject to an emergency revision, or it is not available in certain areas. Re-entering production increases your costs and decreases your chances of making a profit.

Motion designers work with programs that have high-modular capabilities. It's easy to add new audio, replace images, or create unique animations. You can also make changes to your video at will, which is almost impossible with live-action.

5. Motion Design Captures the Attention

Audiences are hungry for information, and they need it quickly. A study found that our collective attention spans are shrinking due to the overwhelming amount of information available.

Visual assets that are short and easy to understand in motion capture attention from the first frame. These graphics can be played and looped automatically on social media and draw attention to your content in a way that's hard to duplicate with text-only content.

6. Motion Graphics are a Great Way to Illustrate Concepts and Processes

Complex, long-form material can be difficult to comprehend due to our shrinking attention spans. It can be challenging to explain some ideas with words or still pictures, particularly larger abstract ones.

A study found that 68% of respondents prefer to watch a video about a company, product, or service than reading text. This preference can be satisfied by infographic motion graphics, data visualizations, and explainer videos.

4. Motion Graphics are the Future

Motion Graphics Services in UAE are the Future

A leading provider of motion graphics services in UAE believes motion graphics are a trend that has been around for a while. It's been growing in popularity for many years. Recent developments in 2020 have pushed motion graphics services in UAE to new heights. People were drawn to social media platforms by stay-at-home orders.


Motion graphic services in UAE are one of the critical components of social media. It increases engagement, enhances user experience, and makes advertising more efficient. Contact Aquaholic Creatives & Marketing LLC to get brilliant motion graphics services in UAE.

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